Newborn Photographer in Cypress, TX, Weirdest Session!

I often get asked if I've ever had any odd, weird or just off-the-wall photo sessions. Hmm... I can think of one specific, it was an outdoor engagement session in Houston, TX. It was apparent the couple was very much in love. They were incredibly flirty with each other and it was obvious they wanted the photos to show off A LOT more than an R rated movie would.

newborn photographer in Cypress, TX
loving couple

I normally pose my clients, but in this case, my guidance was being completely ignored. In fact, they had no problem posing themselves in more ways than I could describe, so much that I was forced to end the session. I informed them I was a "family-friendly" photographer and recommended they search for a different type of photographer. They laughed, apologized and said they would stay behind while I walked back to my car to leave. For all I know, they simply wanted to stay and talk. Right!

Another moment was during a newborn session when a dad wanted a picture of his on a hammock. He showed me a sample from my portfolio. I said "oh of course". While I was setting up my backdrop, he was proceeding to literally lift his baby up in the air. I immediately stopped him! I educated him on how I would create that image safely, with his baby cuddled on a secure surface with safety always, always, always...did I mention... always, as the priority. This is an example of how important it is to make sure your photographer is experienced and well trained on how to achieve poses using composite in Photoshop. I've seen many cases of new photographers or parents who will attempt to replicate certain poses that should only be done as a composite. Your baby is a treasure. If you are thinking of newborn pictures for your baby, please make sure the photographer you choose is extensively trained and safety is number one.