Newborn Photographer in Cypress, TX, Still paying Student Loans...

Like so many others, I’m STILL paying student loans. But did you know that my degree has nothing to do with photography? I earned my B.A. in Psychology and minored in Anthropology. My M.A. is in Organizational Management, specializing in Public Health. At one time, I had the pleasure of working at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, then at Baylor College of Medicine. My career had to do with research in cancer prevention. Cancer Prevention, yes a very noble cause... but I wasn’t happy.... at all; my heart was not in it. Driving to and from work was so taxing on me. I’d spend at least 3 hours of the day driving stuck in traffic. I’m very proud of my degrees, I wouldn’t change that for anything, but my career was not something I loved, but something I HAD to do.

Newborn photographer in Cypress TX

Photography was only a hobby, something that I did for fun. I never, ever thought in my wildest dreams that I could help support my family with it. I would only do “side jobs” here and there. My business started to grow without me even trying. I had reached a point where I had to make a decision of either quitting my job and doing photography full time, or stop doing photography just so I’d have more time with my family. The choice was not easy to make. I mean, I had a very secure job, a nice title, a decent pay, in a very reputable organization, with benefits, 401k,... you know what I mean! But, my incredibly supportive husband, knowing how miserable I was, said...”why don’t you just quit your job!” That was almost 10 years ago. Oh wow! Hearing him say that was all I needed. I felt like the skies opened up for me. He has always been very confident of my abilities and talent in photography and his support has always been my driving force. So then, that’s when my photography business changed to 6th gear, full speed ahead. Since then, I’ve simply been doing what I love, helping families create amazing memories, seeing families grow, cuddling babies and being so incredibly happy, blessed and overjoyed in the process.