Newborn Photographer in Cypress, TX, Color vs Black & White

Soon after the inception of monochromatic photography in the early 1800’s, there were those who began playing around with color photography. Once color photography became standard, some still remained loyal to BW images. The question is, when is it appropriate to use one or the other.

newborn photographer in Cypress TX
newborn portrait BW

So, I was recently asked if I prefer creating portraits in color or in black and white. Although most all of my images end up in color, there are times when choosing black and white (BW) will make better sense, especially as a newborn photographer and even more so as a maternity photographer.

newborn photographer in Cypress TX
newborn with dad

Making a critical decision about whether to us color or BW requires a critical eye. The outcome will have an impact on how the viewer perceives the image. For instance, a highly saturated portrait may highlight a dramatic scheme and even bring about emotional feelings based on the colors. Blues may bring calmness, yellows might bring joy or excitement. However, a BW image uses shadows to accentuate depth and space. Colorless images are said to be timeless and are used many times in fine art photography.