Newborn Photographer in Cypress, TX, Baby Whisperer

After having my own kids and seeing/handling hundreds of sweet newborns throughout the years, I have kinda developed a special understanding of babies. During a newborn session, parents will often comment on my ability to calm, settle, sooth and put their babies to sleep. They will refer to me as their "baby whisperer" and ask me how I do it! I think my very own calm nature is one major factor. I believe that babies can sense how you feel and thus, it is how they will feel. It's the "mirror effect". Have you heard of this before? It was actually my husband who sent me an article about this the other day. Kids will literally soak up every detail from a parents behavior. The article came from "The Successful Parent" and is titled "Why your Behavior is such a Powerful Influence on your Kids".

newborn photographer in Cypress, TX
Newborn Session

So, what do I do to help sooth babies? One, I am calm and patient. Two, I keep a small space warmer close to the surface where I will be photographing them. This will ensure babies are nice and warm. I also make sure their tummy's are nice and full; certainly, babies will let us know when they are hungry. I also keep a pacifier close by, if parents allow it. I make sure that babies have a clean diaper before I wrap them. I normally wrap babies on my lap so I am able to sway them softly side to side; they normally love this motion! Oh, I also have background music playing, this is especially helpful so that babies won't get startled by random talking or by a phone ringing. Al in all, I am guided by your baby. I tend to feel if they are tense, if so, I simply wait for their little muscles to relax in order to continue a specific pose or look. At the end of it all, I will get beautiful portraits of your precious newborn!