Newborn Photographer in Cypress, TX, Baby Skin

Babies in general tend to have such delicate skins. Normally they are born with "baby acne", flaky skin and perhaps sometimes even have little rashes. These go away within a few days to a few weeks. It is perfectly normal though. Moms and Dads will express some concern over their baby's skin when coming in to the studio for their photo session. I can assure them that in 18 years, memories of a few flakes on the skin will be a beautiful sight to see.

When I edit images, I do smooth skin texture, even out colors, and also minimize redness that most babies also have. One thing I do not do, is completely remove all flakes. As a newborn photographer, but mostly as a mom, I believe that keeping some of that texture is something to be treasured!

When editing my images, I use the Adobe Creative Suite, including LightRoom and Photoshop. These programs are very powerful. When used correctly, the user can maintain a degree of texture, while manipulating contrast, color, hue, grains and so many other factors. These are the only programs I use to edit images. I create my own presets which help tremendously by clicking one button to begin the edit of multiple images at once. As a result, newborn skin shows in such a precious way, with a certain glow and beauty.

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