Newborn Photographer Cypress TX, Skipping

According to National Today, April 24 is “National Skipping Day”. As stated in their website, “its purpose is to raise physical health awareness for children with a day of healthy exercise through skipping. It’s organized by Skipping Workshops that have around 250 schools with over 50,000 kids taking part in numerous skipping activities. Some might consider it childish, but skipping is a great way to exercise. It targets almost all the muscles in your body, it burns fat, and it also builds stamina. Having fun while exercising doesn’t get any better!”

Newborn  photographer  Cypress  TX
Happy family

Have you ever skipped in public as an adult? I would encourage you to try it! It is a way to bring back the child in every one of us! We may sometimes take life too serious. Remembering to have a sense of humor, to relax and to have fun will certainly make us happier and in turn, make our family life much happier.

During my outdoor family photo sessions, I will sometimes ask the family to hold hands, and skip toward me with big smiles while I capture that moment. Parents and kids love doing this, and it allows me to document genuine smiles and happiness!

Newborn photographer Cypress  TX
Beautiful family