• Anedny Laubscher

Newborn photographer Cypress TX, Simple Ideas to Bring Joy into your Life

The Pandemic changed a lof things for us. It took away travel, meeting people, eating out, nature walks, beaches, picnics, etc. This forced me to find meaningful joyous moments in everyday life within the confines of my home.

Work from home, home learning, and quarantines reduced our personal spaces too. But I am glad I found some very simple ideas I could rely on. It worked so well that I continue to take time to notice or use these ideas now, when slowly life is getting back to normal

My friends are aware of my obsession with the night sky and beautiful sunsets. I picked a house especially because it has views of spectacular sunsets. I drag friends to watch meteor showers, I race to the beach to catch the sun before it sets. There is something about the way everything glows up golden for those 15 minutes around sunset. The more time I spend watching, the more details I appreciate. The sky just after sunset sometimes has much more dramatic colours.

It has been proven that looking at the horizon brings calm. But it doesn't have to be the most perfect view. I try and at least spend 5 undistracted minutes watching the sunrise, sunsets, moon, night sky, horizon, or even beautiful trees.

If there is no balcony I can just look out of the window, watching a tree, a bird, or people walking by, This brings a momentary pause to my routine, a bit of novelty, just presence.

The only rule: no distractions. I do take numerous pictures of these sunsets but I also remind myself to put the phone away and just be present.

We all do take such moments from time to time and it's not a new idea but making the effort to do this consciously and every day makes a difference. At least it did for me.

I never had house plants until I quit my traveling Job. I still don't have too many and would not say I am very good at taking care of them. I kill a few without knowing how to care for them properly and learning every day. Even so, every successful propagation or even fresh green leaf brings so much joy. So I spend time caring for them every day. Pruning, propagating, cleaning, weeding, and so on.

This doesn't have to involve trips to nurseries. Just finding a friend to lend us a string of Pathos is enough. One such propagation has resulted in many new pots at my home. All of my know-how comes from youtube videos and blogs.

Sometimes just sprouting seeds and planting them is enough. Growing edible leaves like fenugreek, wheatgrass, basil, mint, etc is easier and useful. There is such a sense of satisfaction when you can grow even a tiny bit of your own food. My basil pesto pasta, fresh tulsi tea, and methi dal taste extra special when I grow it myself, even if just in my mind :). Every small success encourages me to try again.

I did not learn to cook growing up, being the youngest of three in a house full of women. I took cooking seriously only after my son was born. I learned to cook properly so I can feed him healthy nutritious food.

But that also made me realize how much we neglect our own health and nutrition. My grandmother cooked us delicious food every day, but I rarely saw her sit down and relish her food. My mom is quite similar to that. They prioritize children over everything else. I was obviously following in their footsteps by cooking for others and not for myself.

This started changing a few years ago when I decided to make my health a priority (frankly If we don't no one else will) and started concentrating on healthy eating amongst other things (like exercise, vitamin deficiencies, mental health, etc).

Food is nourishing and healing. But, food is also comfort and happiness. So they need to tick all boxes. So now, I try to eat one meal every day which is not just healthy but also smells looks, and tastes heavenly.

That meal for me is my breakfast usually. I eat a delicious granola parfait every single day. It looks and tastes perfect. I try to eat it without any distractions. I feel instantly nourished and happy when I do this. I never get bored as it's the perfect combination of nutrition and taste. Well balanced yet tastes like a gourmet dessert.

I make the granola and the greek yogurt myself. The ingredients are handpicked. The best Dates, the perfect pecan nuts, the right fruits to go with it, ground flax seeds and sprinkled chia seeds and goji berries, Vitamin C-rich fruits to improve Iron absorption. I have thought of everything. This might not be delicious for others, My son hates it and my husband tolerates it, but this meal caters to the needs of just one person, and that is ME. I cook for others too, Feeding others has its own joys. But, every day, I make sure I make one meal that's just perfect for me.

Sometimes on a busy day, it is just a cup of tea or a snack. A bowl of nourishing Korean soup or my mom's style south Indian rasam and rice.

I am not a well-trained chef but I have learned it by repetitive trials and errors and plenty of research and I am eternally grateful to all those recipe bloggers and Vloggers who help people like me.

I have a list of go-to dishes that make me happy and I make it point to eat them regularly. Not every meal, but at least once a day, my food ticks all boxes. Do I even have to explain why that makes me happy?

On days when I feel overwhelmed and nothing seems to work, I have one go-to hack that works very well for me. I find one thing that I can