Newborn photographer Cypress TX, Simple Ideas to Bring Joy into your Life

The Pandemic changed a lof things for us. It took away travel, meeting people, eating out, nature walks, beaches, picnics, etc. This forced me to find meaningful joyous moments in everyday life within the confines of my home.

Work from home, home learning, and quarantines reduced our personal spaces too. But I am glad I found some very simple ideas I could rely on. It worked so well that I continue to take time to notice or use these ideas now, when slowly life is getting back to normal

My friends are aware of my obsession with the night sky and beautiful sunsets. I picked a house especially because it has views of spectacular sunsets. I drag friends to watch meteor showers, I race to the beach to catch the sun before it sets. There is something about the way everything glows up golden for those 15 minutes around sunset. The more time I spend watching, the more details I appreciate. The sky just after sunset sometimes has much more dramatic colours.

It has been proven that looking at the horizon brings calm. But it doesn't have to be the most perfect view. I try and at least spend 5 undistracted minutes watching the sunrise, sunsets, moon, night sky, horizon, or even beautiful trees.

If there is no balcony I can just look out of the window, watching a tree, a bird, or people walking by, This brings a momentary pause to my routine, a bit of novelty, just presence.

The only rule: no distractions. I do take numerous pictures of these sunsets but I also remind myself to put the phone away and just be present.

We all do take such moments from time to time and it's not a new idea but making the effort to do this consciously and every day makes a difference. At least it did for me.