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Newborn photographer Cypress TX, It’s OK to Put Yourself First

How frequently do you put yourself first? How often do you hear a nagging voice in the back of your mind that makes you feel guilty about taking care of yourself or even makes you feel selfish? , as human beings I think we tend to loose sight and underestimate how important it is to put ourselves first and that also includes putting our mental wellbeing before others too. Putting yourself first doesn't mean that you lack consideration for other people but rather it means that in being altruistic towards others you don't jeopardize your emotional, physical and mental well being, when being considerate of other people it's prime to find the balance of looking after yourself too.

Newborn photographer  Cypress TX

Sometimes we become so overwhelmed and drained by work, relationships, people and even life that we forget to take a break and breath and focus on our own needs. I want to tell you today that it is OK to take some some time out for yourself every now and then, it is OK to prioritize yourself. your goals and aspirations. Always try to make space and time for the things that make you happy, indulge yourself in things that you love. There is a vast difference between being selfish and putting yourself first, in multiple occasions the society guilty us into feeling as though putting ourselves first is a selfish or a dreadful thing when in reality it means loving yourself a little more and putting yourself at the top of the list and not overlooking your happiness in the process and end up becoming a people pleaser.

There are so many reasons as to why you should never have to feel guilty in putting yourself first, in trying to treat yourself with love, kindness and compassion as you are towards others. Here are few of the reasons:

Putting yourself first paves way into making a better and healthy relationship with yourself- When you learn to love and put yourself first you will automatically create a better relationship with your inner self and in return it will reflect in your everyday life and even with people around you. This can also be achieved in so many ways like creating self-love habits for yourself like taking yourself on weekly dates ,checking in on your physical and mental well being, complimenting yourself and having your own daily affirmations. It helps boost your self confidence- Imagine being able to trust yourself in anything, trusting your skills and capabilities and not worrying what anyone else says or thinks about you as long as you're confident in yourself and in what you do. There is absolutely nothing wrong and selfish in trying to be the best version of yourself, it means you accept and trust yourself and have sense of control in your life. People will stop taking you for granted- Take for granted means failure to properly appreciate something or someone. Do you ever stop and and tell yourself " I deserve more than this". Sometimes we often put ourselves in toxic situations that we find it hard to get out from or put boundaries around it because it may seem foreign or downright wrong to us but no matter how uncomfortable or difficult it may be we have to find a way to prioritize ourselves first, it's a hard but a necessary work. You'll eventually learn how to say no.

I think it goes without saying how putting and loving yourself first serves a positive impact on your mental well being. Every now and then you're allowed to be selfish when it comes to your mental health, It's okay to your put mental health first and it's not something you need to feel guilty about.

originally published in “Back of my Mind”

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