Newborn photographer Cypress TX, Ideas for a Welcoming Room

When preparing a guest bedroom for visitors, particularly if they have travelled a long way, I often think of what they might appreciate if they were staying at a nice hotel. Of course, most of us visit with friends and family because we want to spend time with the people we know and love, rather than expecting to have a deluxe vacation experience! However, our visitors’ time with us can be even more enjoyable if their accommodation is both welcoming and comfortable. Below are 10 ideas to create a guest bedroom that your guests will never want to leave (lol)!

Newborn photographer Cypress TX

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No matter how large or small your guest room, a clean and clutter-free space, with comfortable and freshly-laundered bedding is a signal to visitors that they are welcome, and that you have prepared for their stay. If there is a designated bathroom for guests to use, that too should be clean, tidy, and stocked with bathroom essentials. Uncluttered doesn't necessarily mean 'devoid of decor'! You can always take away items of decor if extra space is needed.

There are a lot of individual elements that contribute to a luxury ‘hotel’ room experience. It may not be possible to duplicate the luxe, but it is possible to equip your guest room bed with a supportive mattress, at an affordable price. The mattress on this bed is from Wayfair. These are so comfortable that we got one for our master bedroom as well. Read about the bedding elements of our master bedroom here.

There is nothing that signals comfort more than a beautifully styled bed with coordinating linens, quilt, and duvet. Layers of bedding allow your guests to control and adjust their sleeping temperature by using some or all of the bedding layers. Depending on the time of year, your visitors may also appreciate a cozy blanket. Throw pillows add extra warmth and visual interest to the room.