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Newborn photographer Cypress TX, how to tell the difference between real and fake leather

There are plenty of paragraphs on the internet telling you how to spot fake leather while so many of the products and brands are saying that they are selling "Leathers." Even though they are not lying to you, the way they are trying to package will make you so confused about what material you are buying. We are a baby photographer in Houston TX.

Newborn photographer Cypress TX

Why do we still write that paragraph when you can easily Google thousands of websites, teaching you how to tell which piece of leather is real or false? Because we found that many of the paragraphs you can search on Google are not entirely correct. Also, some of the methods they suggest are not realistic to use in day-to-day life. So here are the do's and don'ts that tell the difference between Real & Fake leathers.

1. Ask the accurate question

"Is it made of leather?" You may have asked similar questions in several stores. However, the store said "Yes," they are not lying even if the goods you are holding are fake leather. Commonly PVC/ PU (polyurethane) leather also counts as leather. Some latest artificial leather named vegan leather can be made from apple, banana, pineapple, cactus, or other plants which contain no animal hide.

So, the easiest way to ask is "What kind of hide is it made of?". Most of the animal hides, leather around the world is made from cows, buffalo, or goats. The store is gonna tell you what animal skin the goods are made of.

2. Look at the edge

If you are looking for a piece of leather for your craft or looking for some folk-style leather goods. This method may be able to help you. For real animal hide leather, the leather fiber is complicated layers, if you see the interface between layers is flat and smooth, that one

This is a very simple method for most leather craft lovers, but only applicable on leather pieces or on completing leather goods that can see the cutting edge and have no edge paint finishing.

3. Flip it

Flipping is a really good method to tell between real & fake leathers if you cannot look at the edges or ask anyone. Especially on large leather goods like handbags, car chairs, sofas, etc.

Real leathers have thick and complicated fiber structures. If you are holding a real leather piece or a real leather good, you can feel the thickness of the leather at the flipping edge after 1-2 flips which fake leathers are unable to give you such feelings. Make sure you are trying at the hidden corners. You will not want to leave seen creases on your handbags and furniture or damage the shop display samples.

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Some always mentioned methods that we have doubts

1. Smell Test

The smell of leather is very special. When you enter a leather shop or a luxury leather store, you can smell the scent of leather. That is the smell of plant tannin which originally existed on vegetable-tanned leather only. However, the factories realized customers liked that smell and they can add that smell with chemicals to all the fake leathers if they want to.

2. Touch Test

The touch test method works if the leather goods are made of very horrible quality faux leather which touches like plastic. Otherwise, nowadays faux leathers are of good quality and you can hardly tell the difference by touching them.

3. Burn Test

This method can so easily tell which is PVC/PU leathers, but please don't do it like the other paragraphs says. We don't want you to get into a lawsuit by damaging store properties or burning your own house.

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