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Newborn photographer Cypress TX, Fresh flowers at home make you happy and healthy

Plants and fresh flowers at home improve your health, create stronger generational bond and cultivate loving relationships. How? Let's see. I love flowers! My name means "a delicate flower" (Gulnoz in Farsi). Therefore, I do my best to be surrounded by flowers. I get energized by their beauty... Especially, when I wake up to a vase of tulips, for example, greeting a new day and me. It makes me jump out of bed with a positive attitude: "Rise&Shine! A new day has come! I should make the best of it, 'cos it's never coming back".

Newborn photographer Cypress TX

From Generation to Generation

My mother also adores flowers. Her name - Gulnora - is translated as "flower-like" from Farsi. University professor, she would receive lots of flowers from her students on different occasions before she's retired. Surely, my Dad also showered her with flowers. In addition, my Mom's hobby of gardening means many different plants at home. In other words, I grew up among flowers. I have learned to appreciate the beauty and enjoy the benefits of fresh flowers since very young. I'm passing that experience to our children. For example, our 1-year old Little Person always admires the beauty of flowers saying: "wwwwooow!" and tries to feel their scent. Yep, I taught him since he's started understanding scents around the age of 4-5 months old). Cultivating Loving Relationships

I was lucky to have married a man who appreciates flowers at home and actually enjoys bringing me flowers just like that... (my ex hated flowers and considered carrying a bouquet as a humiliating punishment which have created some frictions in our relationship). During the courting period, My Husband figured out that I love flowers and would gift me a bouquet regularly: the moment the bouquet would start fading, I would get another... As a hopeless romantic, My Spring (*Husband) would say: "I want to flower your life..." Happily, it hasn't change even after having a child. (a bit of bragging now and then...).

The most importantly, our boys are exposed to this positive practice: showing a woman the sentiments of love and care with such a gentle gesture as giving her flowers as well as living in a homy ambiance decorated with fresh flowers. Our teenager boy has already learned the art of gifting flowers. The boys and my Man know very well by now the-all-forgiving power of flowers when they upset or hurt my feelings. Flowers can also be a peace offering after an argument or a misunderstanding. Lastly, I believe that gifting flowers shouldn't be gender-stereotyped. Why not to get flowers for my son when he is down with flu or simply to cheer up my husband if he's feeling upset about something or with me... The flowers have their own language of love and help us to improve communication in the family. Inter alia, the relationships are more loving and caring. Health Benefits of Fresh Flowers at Home

Have you ever thought that except the esthetic beauty, fresh plants and flowers at home have health benefits, both physical and mental:

They clean the air from harmful toxins and can improve your sleep at night due to the oxygen produced as a result of photosynthesis. The pleasant scent of a colorful bunch serves as aromatherapy at home which helps to distress and relax. Living around flowers boosts your mood, lifts up spirits and adds some positivity to your day, which results in better daily interactions among family members and contributes to creating a healthy and happy family in a long run. According to Park and Mattson 2008, flowers lower blood pressure, reduce feelings of pain and anxiety as well as help with fatigue. "The presence of plants in the home also leads to heightened relaxation, energy, and compassion at work" was one of the unexpected conclusions of the 2006 Harvard study conducted by Nancy Etcoff, psychologist and author the author of “Survival of the Prettiest: The Science of Beauty.”

We work and study more productively around flowers since they improve our cognitive performance as discovered by Raanaas, Evensen, Rich, Sjostrom, and Patil. The process of placing flowers into a vase and finding a good place give you that "feel-good" vibe we often crave. It's never too late to live better. If you don't have a habit of placing fresh flowers at home, do that now. If you'd like to learn more of my lifehacks of creating The Healthy&Happy Family and to customize them for your family, book a free discovery call now and here! Now, off we go to a flower shop and get a beautiful bouquet for self or a loved one! Just like that. Flower the life of your loved ones! Beautify your life!

Happy First Day of Spring!


originally published in Modern Parenting

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