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When we become parents, that life-forever-changed experience, our selfcare dream becomes limited to just getting enough of uninterrupted sleep, longer undisturbed shower and a cup of coffee or tea or yummy meal in peace, preferably alone... We feel powerless against our circumstances... Wouldn't you want to take the power back? But how? That's the question! At Modern Parenting, we know how and can help you. Start with reading this article, then book a 30-minutes FREE discovery call or SelfCare session. Take action! I am confident that you can learn to do better on selfcare as Healthy&Happy Parents = Healthy&Happy Children​!

Newborn photographer Cypress TX

Parenting is literally exhausting, overwhelming and stressful. Moreover, we are so focused on childcare, our partner and family, friends, work and other obligations. Anything and everyone but ourself. We neglect our human needs. We don't have neither time nor energy. Or simply don't prioritize ourself. Which is very wrong. We don't listen to ourselves. Even if I try, we can't hear our own voice. Do you ask yourself: "How are you doing?" "How are you feeling?" "What do you need?" "How could I help you?" Just simply checking in with yourself. I bet you don't. However, that's where selfcare begins: awareness of self. Remove that limiting thought that being kind, compassionite to and taking care of yourself is selfish. It is an individual choice to be proactive in caring for your well-being in your best interest. Trust me, your family would be the firstafter you to benefit from your selfcare practice.

Every stage of a child's development and growth has its challenges. It never gets easier, we should get more skilled to navigate parenting in healthy and happy manner. And selfcare should be our priority to balance out the overwhelm, fatigue and stress. So what's is selfcare? It's anything you do to purposefully improve your physical, mental and emotional health. It's vital to build resilience against stressors of life that are out of our control. It's not a luxury. It is a necessity. Most importantly, the health and happiness of our children directly depends from the physical and mental health of their parents. How come we do NOT prioritize our well-being and take preventive, instead of reactive measures? Finally, if you take good care of your mind, body and spirit, you become the best version of yourself and live your best live.

Simply in 1 sentence: caring for your mind, body, and spirit means stronger mental, physical and emotional health which equals to longer happy and fulfilled life. It's a common misconception that selfcare costs much. Take a deep breath in and out 4 times. That's a simple act of selfcare for free. Deep breath calms your nervous system and let's to let go off tension. Pay attention to the flavor of your morning coffee. Enjoy it. Be present now and here. Mindfulness. That is a care for your body and mind. That is a conscious action you can do for your own well-being. For free. Now you're positively charged for a productive day.

You perform better with regular selfcare practice. When you take good care of yourself, it gives you a sense of satisfaction. You feel more confident. Think better of yourself. You take your power back. Ready to conquer the world. "Bring it on, Life!" attitude. I'm ready to face whatever may come my way. Interestingly, you will definitely overcome challenges because self-care increases your productivity and enhances your resilience. Plus, when you're well-rested, your brain works much better.

Our selfcare routine is a model for our children how to respect and love oneself. Children learn more from what they see rather than told repeatedly. My life mantra: "Work hard, rest well". Our boys observe my lifestyle and learn. Moreover, when you're balanced and zen, your reactions and behavior with children is calm and kind. Peaceful and loving atmosphere at home. Healthier and happier environment for children to grow and become an independent healthy and happy person.

Self-care activities positively affect the relationship with your partner, in-laws, family members, colleagues, friends and other around you. When I respond to my needs with a targeted action to satisfy them, I become The better version of myself. People enjoy being around me. I crack jokes. Smile. Energize. Support. Feel the joy of living. As the French say: "La joie de vivre". Selfcare is positively contagious, by the way. My partner and teenager son notice my regular meditation every morning, working on my mindfulness, exercising 3 times a week, eating well ( min. 5 fruits&veggies per day), making sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep despite having a toddler, taking long walks etc. They get interested and motivated to introduce these strategies to their self-care system and embrace a more positive and healthy lifestyle. My son has already tried out yoga classes at the age of 7-years old, now planning to take up a couple yoga class with my husband.

Cherish yourself. Gift yourself that precious time and effort that hardly remains just for you. Show some Love to Yourself. You matter. Your Feelings matter. Your well-being matters.Live your life to the fullest. Find your Best Self!

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