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Those pesky internal monologues! They are the ones you’re thinking of. They speak in hushed tones of condemnation and uncertainty. When we answer their question, “Who do you believe you are?” they become defensive.

Newborn photographer, boudoir Photographer

Ignorance is bliss: and “How could you be so clueless?” To put it bluntly, they are experts at making us feel inadequate. And gradually, without our noticing it, we lose faith in ourselves, our abilities, and our prior beliefs about the world.

According to a recent study published in Psychology Today, we could be losing confidence for a variety of reasons, including our genetic make-up, our life experiences, and the messages we receive from the media.

When awful things occur and you feel off-kilter, you can’t keep your emotions bottled up and let them destroy you. Indecision is nourished by pressure and loneliness.

Probably the person you’re hardest on is yourself. As a result, allow yourself some relief. Engage in a conversation with a person who values and appreciates you.

Feel free to vent your anger and discuss the situation in depth. Get a hug and a good shake so you can get back to being the pro you really are.

There is no easy solution. Like trust, confidence is hard to gain but easy to lose. To succeed, you must just focus on