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Cypress TX, Newborn Photographer, Family Photographer, 7 things NOT to wear to your family session

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

So, you did it, you finally booked your family session! You have been wanting updated family pictures for so long... Think about it, these will be adorning your walls, decorating the stairway or filling up the shelves in your office. Now, let's be sure they are worthy of long lasting memories!

It is very important to select a cohesive wardrobe that is coordinated and brings everything together. In addition, there are several other factors to consider. Will your session take place in a grassy field, out by a lake during golden hour, or in the city with architecture as backdrop? What "feeling" do you want the portraits to have? Do you want your portraits to capture your family's fun personality or are you hoping for a more traditional and formal theme? It's important to take all of these variables into consideration when planning what to wear.

Because you want to be happy with the outcome of the portraits, there are several things NOT to wear though...Here are the 7 things NOT to wear to your outdoor family session:

  1. Unless you are wanting to promote a specific brand, don't wear anything with a big logo on it. Doing so will seriously distract from the focus being your family. Please, just don't.

  2. Do NOT wear "matching" outfits... you will all look as if you are dressed for work. For real, everyone dressed in a white button down shirt will look like you are ready for a music video from the 80's!

  3. Crazy patterns are nice...for a rug. Don't have your family each wear a crazy busy pattern. If so, the portrait will look like it was meant for a puzzle, not for a beautiful canvas on top of the fireplace.

  4. White socks. You should know better than that. :)

  5. Sneakers, the ones with bright colors. I cringe anytime someone comes to a session dressed nicely, but wearing sneakers they've clearly used to do lawn-work or run their last 5K with.

  6. Huge huge huge accessories. I'm talking about those oh so big and heavy-looking custom jewelry. Unless, of course, you are modeling for a jewelry store.

  7. Sleeveless tops can be pretty comfy, especially during Houston's hot summers. However, depending on the angles being photographed, they might allow certain areas of your body to be captured that you really don't want displayed. If you really want to wear sleeveless top, be sure to bring a scarf or a vest of some sort to be used as a layer.

Take note and happy posing!


Are you interested in planning an outdoor family session in Houston, TX or the surrounding areas? I'd love to talk to you about the luxury portrait services available to help plan your custom session!

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