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Luxury newborn photographer Cypress TX, looking at the year ahead

When I embarked on my path of blogging and content creation, I set out to share my love for female-founded brands, fashion, and design. But, along the way, I discovered that I was on a journey of growth.

Newborn photographer Cypress TX

This year is the year I also turned 30. Something about turning the page on a new decade gave me the drive and permission to take on the ideas and projects that had been sitting idle in my mind for years. I began thinking about living more in the present and looking to the future.

This year taught me to take more chances, live with no regret, and take life by the reigns. I began to think about the idea of what it may feel like to turn 40 and 50. I don't want to turn 40 or 50 and regret not pursuing what I was so curious to learn. But, I took it as a challenge for myself. So, I did just that. I challenged myself to embark on what I knew I could do but was too afraid of starting.

Was I afraid of failing? Probably. Also, not being good enough. Not being good enough was the single greatest obstacle I had built for myself during the previous decade of my life. Turning thirty, I saw that as the year I'd choose to knock that wall down, and with force.

And, so I did. Writing has always been my passion, along with design, fashion, and film, and photography. I never considered myself an expert, but I loved them and knew I could do them all well. So, The Applause was born.

I started The Applause as a podcast in October 2020 and then evolved it into a blog at the beginning of 2021. It's when I realized that I wanted to share my admiration and appreciation for the courage of women and entrepreneurs in the content, marketing, and creative space. During that time, I realized I didn't want to only cheer on those brave women from the sidelines; I wanted to become part of the landscape. It was a moment of reckoning for me where I realized I didn't have to choose between being the player or the cheerleader, and I could do both.

I never saw rules written that we had to choose between being the player or participant of the game and the cheerleader on the sidelines? The idea of choosing between one or the other is often associated with masculinity in American sports or the cheerleader, paints a picture of what I had trained my brain to subscribe to as a girl growing up. However, I've heard author Glennon Doyle write about this idea slightly differently. She asserts that women and girls are raised to believe they should be tamed and proper. It's also a prompt in her newly released journal I am working through called Get Untamed: The Journal. The prompt poses the questions about gender and asks, "How have you been conditioned to believe that good girls behave? How have you been trained to believe real boys behave?"

As a young woman, I was brought up to be an obedient girl. Take risks, but not too many because it's a scary world out there. Trust and listen to your superiors, but not everyone. And, don't take up space and certainly don't insert yourself into unfamiliar territories. In my mind, you only go down the usual road and observe from a distance. You can be the cheerleader, but not the player; especially of a game, I didn't know how to play. So, I'd reduce it to only learning the rules but never putting on the uniform.

As a teenage girl and into adulthood, being the cheerleader among my friend and colleagues is something I've been proud of. I considered it one of my most essential and prized qualities. I still do. But, I no longer want to be a cheerleader. I want to participate. As I look back on being 29, it was the year I gathered all of the pieces, both mentally and physically, to be an active player--a participant, not just the cheerleader.

Like a football player may do, they need a uniform, helmet, shoes, and mental stamina to prepare to play a big game. So, all the equipment to be protected and play their a-game, I took 29 as my year to learn, make connections, and teach myself what it takes to enter the content and blogging space.

As I look back on the year, I am proud of what I've accomplished. I earned a role as a content creator on the LTK (formerly RewardStyle) app and revamped my website with a new redesign and rebrand. Both of which I couldn't have done without getting out of my way.

The most significant was that I stopped focusing on the details. Now, don't get me wrong, I live for the details, but not to the point of creative paralysis or keeping you from embarking on pursuing your dreams. Without making the assignment, my twenties became the year of discovery. Leading up to turning thirty, I went through a lot of trial-and-error and dipped my feet into the water until I felt the comfortable temperature to jump, all in.

That process required not overthinking the small details and instead focusing on what I needed to see my vision come to life and achieve my goal. In this case, The Applause. I found the details and pieces of the process are where the overwhelm and fear live. So, instead, they didn't disappear; I set them aside until the other elements of the vision were put into place. The details are the accents, the accessories, the glue that keep the puzzle pieces together. But, don't let them scare you away or keep you from putting that first word on paper, taking that first picture, or just taking that first small step.

Somewhat similar to setting boundaries but with goals. You may have plans to reach those milestones or pivotal turning points in your vision. To achieve those goals, make a list of the things you need to do to get there, but remember to give yourself grace on those days that you may feel too tired or would instead take a long walk. I've had many days like this, and it's essential to take them. Your body and mind need them to reset, cultivate existing and new ideas. So add that item to your schedule next time and prioritize it. originally published in The Applause

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