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Cypress TX, Newborn Photographer, What to expect during your session

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Yayy! Baby has arrived, what an incredible blessing! Perhaps you were proactive and scheduled your newborn photo session in advance or you just now realize the importance of documenting the first stage of life of your new little miracle with professional portraits. By all means, these portraits are meant to last a lifetime and bring tears of joy many years down the road.

Newborn Baby

Once you leave the hospital and begin to settle home and at least attempt to stick to a schedule, you'll learn that baby might also have some plans of her own. He/she might begin to cluster feed, perhaps baby tends to have an upset tummy; my point is, most of the time, no matter how much you plan and set expectations, the one who will truly determine how, if and when the plans will take place, is, of course... your baby! A similar situation may take place during your photo session.

Newborn Boy Portrait

My style of photography is very natural, timeless and organic. My priority over anything else during your baby's newborn session is safety. So, it just comes naturally that as a photographer, my newborn sessions are guided by baby. In my opinion, it is best to never ever force a pose. Instead, I gently and with much patience, assist, sooth and cuddle baby into a desired pose.

Newborn Baby Girl

Before you arrive to your session, I will have disinfected and laundered all textures to be used. The color palette will have already been decided on. I will arrange the setups and have the studio ready for when you arrive with baby. If we are doing a newborn with family session, I will have at 3-4 setups staged. My goal is to provide a variety of angled shots while interrupting baby as little as possible.

Newborn Session Bucket Prop

When you arrive to the studio, I encourage you to get comfy and make yourself at home. While I go off to wash my hands, help yourself to using the changing table for baby, grab some snacks, a bottle of bubbly water or make yourself some coffee to help you stay awake in case you've been losing some sleep. But, hey, I'm totally fine if you decide to doze off, lol!

Boutique Studio

After I wrap baby up, we will start out with any sibling poses, parent poses and family poses. Because of safety, I ask that young siblings exit the studio room with a parent or guardian as soon as their part is over. The studio has cables, backdrops, props and other loose items that may de dangerous for curious little minds; so again, it is important that they wait in the adjacent break room or even run around in the outside enclosed grassy field for some fun and releasing energy. The studio has wi-fi, in case you need to connect your device. Some parents like to catch up with some work or dive into an audio book; this is a perfect time for that.

First Family Portrait

Once we finish up with family poses, it's all about baby now. I will have baby cuddled and wrapped with at least 3 layers. I will position baby in our soft solid backdrop to take different angle shots. I prefer natural light, that is why our studio has giant windows, diffused with delicate sheers. Most all shots are done without the use of artificial light. I will begin to unwrap the outer layer, all while baby is still sound asleep (hopefully). My goal is to try to minimize any interruption to babys sleep. Since all the setups are ready, I simply place baby in the various props. I might change rotate baskets and props, taking advantage of a variety of shadows and maximizing the choices for your gallery of proofs. When I get to the final layer, most newborns will start to wake up. This is when I take oh so cute and adorable shots of facial expressions, stretching and maybe even a direct look of baby into the camera. I will also take shots of different features, like the cute nose, eyelashes, hair and toes! If ever baby needs to feed or be soothed, I will definitely be sure it happens. Again, the session itself and how the session flows depends on baby. I will never promise a specific pose only because I don't know baby's temperament until the session starts. Of course, I will assist baby and gently help relax him/her to achieve the most beautiful portraits and memories of your baby.

Newborn Baby girl

Are you expecting or know someone who is? Be sure to contact us. I would love to capture your baby's first portraits for you and your family to enjoy forever!

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