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Cypress TX., Newborn Photographer, The Art of Photography

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

In this day and age, most everyone has a camera on hand 24/7 - your cell phone. Pictures are shared non stop, through Facebook, Instagram, email,... the built in camera works great at taking a picture. However, a great photograph is not taken, it is made; as noted by acclaimed American photographer, Ansel Adams.

The art of photography is so much more than a finger click. It has to do first of all with a vision. A professional photographer has an idea and utilizes several factors to create a “frozen“ illustration of that vision, as a photograph.

Light is the source of photography. You must balance the way light interacts with the camera in order to achieve the desired exposure. The point is, the camera is only an instrument, a tool. Once you allow yourself to control and take over the camera, that’s when you’ll realize how powerful you can be as an artist.

Are you expecting? Contact us to book your newborn photography session in the Houston area.

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