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Cypress TX, Newborn Photographer, Family Time

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

This post is not about photography... Houston has always been known for it’s weather. You’ll wake up in the morning needing a jacket because of how cold it is, then early afternoon its nice enough to go the the beach and get a tan. Oh and thank God you have rain boots because as soon as you get in the car to head home, the rainstorm has started... now you’re crossing your fingers you’ll actually make it home and not get stuck in the floods!

Ive lived in Houston since 1989, it’s me home! And although we’ve gone through some pretty scary weather related situations, I NEVER in a million years would have imagined this whole week could have been possible. My family and I were lucky to have only a couple of power outages that didn’t really affect us, we’ve had water and we’ve had warmth. So many others were not so lucky. The freezing temperatures, combined with no power, no heat, no water, had been devastating. I pray for all those families!

The times we were without power was a beautiful reminder of how important family time is. Not having a phone, internet, TV, or gaming system, forced us to have “family time”. We joked around, had conversations, told stories, played in the snow and pulled out photo albums! God is good to have blessed me with my family and I am so thankful!! Something good always comes out of something not so good. I’ve seen my family become closer, I see neighbors offering help, I see the good in people and their willingness to provide safety and shelter. This has been a challenging week for our city, our community. I know, just like all the times in the past, we will join together as Houstonians to get through this together. Here is a fun video clip of my boys playing with the dog. Question is, who’s having more fun, my little boy or the dog??

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