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Cypress TX, Newborn Photographer, Anedny, the photographer

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

It's time for a re-introduction. If you are thinking of trusting someone to take beautiful portraits of your brand new baby, I think it's a good idea to know a little about that person.

Houston Newborn Photographer, Family Photographer

One of the questions I get asked the most is "How did you start doing photography?" Well, it kinda happened on it's own. Photography was always fun, something I loved to do. It was certainly not what I initially went to school for. In fact, my Masters degree is in Organizational Management, specialized in Public Health. I had a stable career for many years at MD Anderson Cancer Center, then at Baylor College of Medicine. My responsibility was research in cancer prevention and health disparities through community outreach.

Houston Newborn Photographer, Houston Family Photographer
Anedny, with husband Dr. Rory Laubscher

Although I considered my career in cancer prevention to be a noble one, my heart was not in it. Driving everyday in the Houston traffic to the Medical Center was, ughh... nevermind, I don't want to relive those memories! In short, I was not happy, at all. My husband suggested I focus on photography and simply turn in a resignation. That was all I needed to hear. The rest is history. My business took off on it's own, mostly from referrals and repeat clients.

Initially, I only offered outdoor sessions, then added newborn in-home. Eventually I opened my studio and I have loved every single step of every single moment. I count my blessings every day!

Houston Newborn Photographer, Houston Family Photograph
Anedny with family

I have a big family. With 5 kids, from elementary to college-aged, there is never a dull moment. My parents both live with us as well. My house is filled with so much energy.. with some wresting of the boys, funny jokes, some hollering, running around, and most of all, with a lot of love and prayer. Having my parents live with us is a blessing. I see how the kids have learned so much from them. Their wisdom and story-telling is priceless!

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