Cypress TX, Newborn Photographer, Trend Talk: Stripes

The trend with endless possibilities is back - stripes! Thick or thin stripes, any color, this pattern is not just cute but can be applied to everyone's style.

Cypress TX Newborn Photographer

With a Parisian vibe to it, this is perfect for the casual chic look, but that is surely not the end for its styling possibilities. To really set the tone of a relaxed but trend-aware outfit, opt for a knitted striped sweater (amazing for the crisp spring weather) as well as straight suit pants and a pair of sneakers. As the a bit of retro shoe trends are coming around, it's time to grab those nostalgic sneakers out of the closet - whether it's a pair of converse or '90s Nike ones. If you're not a black and white monochrome lover like myself, don't hesitate to add a pop of colour into this look, either a coloured pair of shoes, striped shirt or any other type of accessory.

A good and useful tip that I have discovered by personal experience is the difference of thin- and wide stripes has to do with how the outfit will appear, disregarding the impact it has on ones figure. Thinner stripes, for example the left picture or pinstripes look a bit more clean and polished while broader ones look more relaxed. Although this can easily be switched by how they are styled, but based on the same "base outfit" a thinly striped shirt would look more dressed up than the thick.

Nevertheless, to complete the look, go for the usual tips of adding a few elegant accessories, switch the tote bag for a clutch and a pair of heels or loafers to be ready for a dinner in the city!

You can never go wrong with a suit in my opinion and it's a wonderful way to go follow trends both all in or just a touch (simply remove the suit pants or blazer, and voilà, it's not all in anymore!). Despite all this, there is some few key things to keep in mind. When choosing a more daring suit, everything else should be very toned down to balance it out. For example, when wearing a striped suit, aim for a simple white t-shirt, and I would pair this with a pair of white sneakers for daytime and simply switch to a pair of white heels if the occasion calls for something more dressed up. Keep in mind that this is my personal opinion, if you want to go all in with colours and patterns, go for it! After all, confidence is key and that you only get that by dressing in a way that you feel comfortable in <3

You can barely see that there are stripes on that blazer, right? I chose to show a more similar example as to the one above to really show the ways this can be discreetly striped and all-in striped. This base outfit can be found in almost all wardrobes; a pair of sneakers, jeans and a white t-shirt, so the ground work is already done, and there is no ne