Newborn Photographer in Cypress TX, Time flies by

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

As I'm sure many of you know, my husband and I have 5 children. They are not babies anymore (although they will always be my babies!). My oldest is now 23, the only girl and we are already doing wedding preparations! OMG, I can barely believe it! My little girl is getting married October of this year.

Cypress TX newborn photographer
My family

I often think back when they were much younger, babies. Life seemed to be at a standstill at times. Between the diaper changes, bottle feedings, laundry, LAUNDRY! Yes, laundry was always a huge monster for me. I would think of it as a creature I'd try to run away from but it was always on my tail! I used to wish someone would invent disposable clothes just so "laundry" would be a thing of the past. lol!

I know it sounds cliche, but seriously, those times now seem like just yesterday. I remember being a new mom, rocking my baby girl to sleep. Then only a few years later, holding my third in my arms while I put the older two to sleep. Our youngest was "the cherry on the top". It's been a blessing to see him grow while his older siblings help "parent" him.

I guess because of our busy life, hectic schedule, work and school; I neglected scheduling professional portraits throughout the years. Yes, I would normally order their school "mug shots" (lol), but never took time to actually invest in our family's history by documenting the memories with professional portraits. Gosh, If only I could turn back time! I've never liked being in front of a camera, perhaps it's why I love being behind the camera! Nevertheless, years will never return. That time when I thought I was heavy, but in fact I now realize I wasn't... those moments will never return. I wish I could have made the effort to get our portraits done!

I really admire my clients. You are investing in your family, in your history, in your future. You know how important it is to preserve these precious memories and I am so honored to be a part of it! The fact that you trust me to document beautiful and memorable images is a joy for me.

I encourage anyone who is reaching a milestone to schedule a professional photo session. The memories will last forever!