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Cypress TX, Newborn Photographer, Thoughts are Important

As humans or just living beings we think over 6,200 times a day. I know this might be hard to understand it is for me. It even makes me start thinking about my 6,201st thought of the day. #overthinker #overanalyzer #toodeep

Cypress Tx Newborn  Photographer

In all seriousness, it is very important what we are doing with our thoughts.

And on top of that being able to morph our thoughts into tasks or actions that add value. Instead of just letting ourselves wander from place to place with things we care about but don't know how to implement. Or simply just the first few steps to take to start being in control.

I know I struggle with this like many others. I'm a person who loves brainstorming, trying to think of the next thing to make money or find the most valuable work I can be doing to live this fantasy life we see all over the internet. To be honest I'm proud of these dreams and thoughts they make me feel smart and ready to take on the world. I see the problem occurring when there is no action being implemented or having things like discouragement, anxiety, and comfort take over.

#1 Anxiety Breaking news everyone has it. Some just know how to deal with it better.

If you are anxious about certain citations I can almost guarantee you that starting something new or coming up with a new idea to benefit your life will sound scary and intimidating from the beginning. Even writing this first blog of mine is giving me so much joy. On the flip side, though it's stressful because we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect, or put pressure on ourselves to be something that we can never meet or exceed expectations of. It's easy to blame others and I know others sometimes make dreams and ideas a lot harder. But what I find is the most detrimental is putting these expectations on ourselves. If you expect your life to be perfect and have one slipup you have already failed.

We need to be more realistic with ourselves in the manner that mistakes and failures are a part of the process. That doesn't mean being realistic with what you see around you. Dream bigger than you can ever imagine but still give yourself the grace to try again and fail again. If life had no failure everything would be a lot less rewarding.

#2 Doubt (Believing everything you hear)

This one is tricky because human connection is vital in this world and we want to be doing things with others. I think that is great, what is important to note is having your own beliefs + and values. Don't get me wrong I talk to tons of family and friends who I don't agree with the slightest and I hear them out. But sometimes people can't understand each other's perspectives. And other times people are just trying to explain great advice that could potentially help you out on your journey. But that's when knowing what to do with those conversations and thoughts comes into play. Hold on to your values and beliefs because in those times you will need them most to decide what truly is good for you.

Unboxing a whole other monster is the doubt in your head. It's hard to even dig into it because there are so many factors that I have no idea what you are going through. But it's still very important because no matter what you are going through doubt stinks. It stinks feeling like am I knowledgeable to write about something like this? Or no one else thinks I can do it so why should I? Do I deserve happiness? #3 Routine

You habits or your tasks you do in your day affect how you are living out your life. Even trying to be 1% better every day is super minimal but can have a tremendous impact over a year (a 365% increase is pretty good if you ask me)

You have to start taking action in every single part of your life, and I don't mean for that to sound demanding or too much to bear. Doing little things every day to give yourself a boost of positive impact. And somedays you might not feel like doing them at all. But holding yourself accountable and holding yourself to a certain standard is a high priority. It shouldn't feel like a fight. Remember you are on your team. You need to be improving but giving yourself grace when you don't hold up to your expectations. Routine is so important so you can start being the person you want to be right now. And not ( ill do it later) (or ill be this type of person in...) It starts now. It starts every new second you get to have in the day and everything else is in the past.

#4 Are you having more negative thoughts than positive ones?

No matter what it is it needs to be addressed. If it's not unfortunately it might not go away. And there is no reason someone should have to hold onto a feeling like that.

I feel like people who are having a good life compared to a bad one are still experiencing similar emotions maybe not similar situations but are still feeling the emotions all of us feel. When you are happy things start to bother you less. Situations and scenarios become much easier to deal with and handle. You feel more hopeful and even when something bad happens you are doing so good that there's no way that thing will hold you down.

Perspective. How grateful are you to be living today? Are you hopeful of change, beauty, and joy coming shortly? Negative and positive emotions will come and go, and sometimes it feels like a never-ending loop, but being able to try to cheat the system or at least try to learn from your mistakes/negative days. Just allows you to be better suited and ready to perform better. And soon you will be having great days with minor inconveniences

Final Statement/Conclusion:

I want to make it clear that this isn't just positivity, life is sometimes super challenging filled with obstacles. But finding key ingredients can help so much compared to just trying to get by or get through it. "No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you're still way ahead of everyone who isn't trying." -Tony Robbins

I am no scientist or wiz, these are feelings and strategies people use every day. And the more aware we can be to implement things into our life to benefit us. There is no doubt we will experience the things we truly desire.

originally published in The Thought

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