Newborn Photographer in Cypress TX, Newborn Safety

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

What the heck!! I apologize ahead of time, but the tone of this post may be affected by my current state of disbelief and quite frankly, a hint of anger and shock.

I belong to many photography groups and mentoring programs. In one of these groups, I just watched a video of a newborn photographer during a session while she handled a baby for a specific pose. How unsafe and dangerous for that little newborn!! And yes, I've already sent communication to this photographer and to their mentor.

Cypress TX, newborn photographer
precious newborn

Please, PLEASE... if you are considering a newborn photographer, ensure this person has extensive experience with newborns, read their reviews, I can't say it enough.. READ THEIR REVIEWS! Ask questions, ask about the flow of the session. How will they handle a baby who is crying or uncooperative? Do they GUARANTEE a specific pose, if so, how? Have they been mentored? What experience do they have with a newborn? Do they belong to any newborn photographer association? Are they insured? What specific methods do they use to soothe a newborn? How do they sanitize their studio and how often? Are they a beginner, are they offering a low price session just for practice and to build a portfolio? Remember, the investment you are making is actually priceless.

Cypress TX, newborn photographer
International Newborn Photography Association