Cypress TX, Newborn Photographer, 8 Ways to be Sustainable without going broke

It’s no secret that sustainable living can sometimes cause a dent in your bank account. So after a deep dive on the internet and a few stalking sessions on social media, we have found eight simple sustainable choices to set you up on your sustainable living journey, without having a teary moment after every shop!

Learn some basic sewing skills. Rips and holes on your favourite clothes can easily be hand or machine and fixed in minutes.

Donate unwanted or unused items to your local charity shops.

Swap your unsustainable products for sustainable alternatives. Sometimes sustainable alternatives can cost more but most of the time they last longer! Why not start by buying some bamboo silk scrunchies instead of elastic hair ties.

Buy some reusable cotton bags and just keep them in your car permanently ready for your food shopping trips.

Swap some of your weekly food items for Fairtrade options.

Wrap gifts using the Japanese cloth wrapping method called Furoshiki. By doing this, you waste less wrapping paper and save money.

Cook more meals at home instead of buying ready meals.

Try the minimalist fashion challenge with Project 333 to dress with 33 items for less than 3 months.