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About Your Newborn Session

Newborn Photographer Cypress, TX

Please take a moment to review the information on this page, it may help answer any questions you have before visiting us.  We encourage you to request a complimentary Pre-Consult with Anedny by clicking the "Contact Us" tab above.  We can't wait to meet your little bundle of joy! 

Please remember to submit both your Consent and Session Form, by clicking on the following buttons:

Before Your Session


As a parent of a newborn, you and your baby  will more than likely be adjusting to many things and perhaps you are not even getting a lot of sleep.  We want your  newborn session experience to be a relaxing one.  We don't want to add a long list of things you NEED to do before you arrive to the studio.  Instead, feel free to continue the schedule you already have.  Just be sure you bring enough diapers, wipes, bottles (if bottle fed), at least two pacifiers -if you are ok with baby using them; it does help during the session.

Once you arrive to the studio, Anedny will ask when baby's last feeding was.  We will then judge how much time before the next feeding and if a diaper change is needed at the moment.

To help ease the session, Anedny does prefer you bring several pacifiers (in case one falls on the ground, another one is readily available).  This will simply help sooth baby at different times and is not intended to confuse baby.  If you are not wanting to introduce baby to a pacifier, no worries.

About Your Newborn Session


Safety is our number one priority while capturing your newborns perfect little features. Your baby will never be that small again! 


All newborn sessions will take place in our private studio.  We have everything needed: props, wraps, headbands, bonnets and lots more!


Newborn sessions can take anywhere from 1 – 3 hours, depending on the session you choose and on how much baby is cooperating that day.  Anedny is never rushed, she is guided by your baby and will help cuddle your baby into  natural poses.

Normally, we recommend booking your baby's session within the first two weeks of birth.  However, if your baby is a bit older, that's fine.  Anedny will achieve the best images according to your baby's age.

Newborn Photographer Cypress TX
Newborn Photographer Cypress TX
newborn photographer in Cypress, TX

During Your Session


Because we've asked that you submit a "Newborn Form" prior to your session, Anedny will already know your preferred color scheme.  She will have the studio staged and ready for when you arrive. 


If you have any specific requests for props that you have seen in our portfolio, be sure to notify us at least 2 days prior to your session.  Once you arrive to the studio, you might see some of our beautiful props stored hanging on walls or placed high on top of furniture.  Please understand, in an effort to maintain safety, with very little exception, Anedny may not change props from the ones she has already staged for you.

Generally, Anedny has a plan in mind but will allow the session to flow according to baby's temperament.  She will of course help sooth baby into natural poses (certain poses will not be attempted, due to baby's fragility and maintaining the highest degree of safety).  It is perfectly normal for baby to cry at times.  Again, Anedny will maintain a calm atmosphere.  If at any moment, it is time for a feeding, she will encourage the session to pause until baby is satisfied.

Anedny will always be within arms reach of baby.  If at any time she needs to step away for any reason, she will ask a parent to come and be within arms reach of baby.

Our studio is equipped with beverages and snacks to keep parents comfortable.  We encourage you to sit back and relax while your gorgeous memories are being captured.

After Your Session


After your session, Anedny will cull your images based on quality.  She will carefully hand-edit each of them.  This process may take up to two weeks to ensure they are a perfect representation of her art before you see them.   

Approximately 1 - 2 weeks after your session, we will schedule an in-studio ordering appointment, so you can review your portraits and create your art collection from our three step process.  This is the ONLY time you will be able  to view and make selections from your proofs.  We cannot guarantee the safekeeping of any image once your ordering appointment concludes.

newborn photographer in Cypress, TX
Newborn Photographer Cypress TX

Clothing Tips


Anedny absolutely loves the look of coordinated or similar color clothing when it comes to family photos. We recommend wearing either a solid light or solid dark colored clothing -cream always looks fresh and crisp especially with newborns. Aim for a neutral color that we can easily wrap your newborn in a similar/same color.  Avoid bold patterns, bright/neon colors and visible logos.


Dress siblings in simple clothing.  For boys, perhaps a light colored t-shirt/button-up & jeans.  For girls, a simple dress or blouse & leggings/tights.


Try to dress baby in a comfortable onesie that is buttoned or zip up at the front to easily take off if baby is sleeping. Avoid dressing baby in an outfit that needs to be pulled up over their head.  In addition, please do not have them wear anything that will mark their skin; for instance: socks that are snug/tight.

Ask Anedny...  FAQ


"Where are you located?''

Our store front studio is conveniently located north of Wildwood Elementary:

Anedny Portrait Studio

17903 Shaw Rd.

Cypress, TX. 77429

"I have never been photographed before, will you help me pose?'' 

Yes absolutely!!! I know how daunting it can be doing something you have never done before so I am here to help you every step of the way! I have been doing this for years.  I know how to pose baby safely and comfortably.  And I can help bring out your best features.  I use angle, lighting and shadows for optimal results.


"Can my husband &/or children be involved?''

Yes, of course! Your session fee includes baby solo, however parents and siblings may be added for a small fee each.  It is so important that you are all involved.  This is your life, your family journey!


''When should I book the session?''

As early as possible! Normally I recommend photographing newborns in the first 15 days of life, so booking as soon as you can will ensure your session is locked in; in case I am fully booked.


''What should we wear?''

Simple solid colors are recommended. I always say to avoid bold patterns, bright colors and logos on shirts. My go-to is a white or black shirt & khaki or denim pants for dad and a matching color scheme dress or blouse for mom. 


"What if baby doesn't cooperate?"

As a mother of 5, I am 1,000% convinced that patience is key!!

I have never-ever had a need to reschedule a session due to a baby being cranky.  I have been told by many that because of my calm nature, I have a certain ability to be a baby whisperer; at least I would like to think so.  I will go with "baby's flow" for a relaxed session.


"What if my baby has skin issues?"

It is very normal for babies to have many skin issues in the first few weeks of life such as dry skin, cradle cap, acne, cracked or peeling skin, rashes, etc. I am able to edit these little details during the editing process.  Although I will smooth out the skin, I will leave a few textures, like flaky/peeling hands and feet... 18 years from now you'll thank me for leaving a bit of those sweet details so you can remember what your baby looked like at that age.


''When & how do I pay?''

Your session fee is due to book your session.  It does not include products or digitals.  You will have the chance to choose the products you love during your ordering appointment. Packages start at $800.  All payments must be made to submit orders for processing. 

newborn photographer in Cypress, TX
Newborn Photographer Cypress TX
newbornphotographer in Cypress, TX
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