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Cypress TX Newborn Photographer
Cypress TX Boudoir Ph

An esteemed figure in the realm of Houston photography, Anedny has not only earned her Master of Art degree but has also clinched the prestigious BEST Newborn & Family Photographers award from Expertise. Boasting an impressive portfolio spanning over two decades, Anedny excels in the art of emotive portrait photography, consistently delivering exceptional work.

In tandem with her husband, Dr. Rory Laubscher, Anedny leads a fulfilling life enriched by their five children, cherished German Shepherd, and a new role they've embraced with joy—being proud grandparents to a beautiful baby boy, courtesy of their daughter and son-in-law. This addition to their family has awakened dreams of growth and all the cherished years to come.

During her leisure moments, Anedny indulges in the art of baking, relishes a refreshing jog, and finds exhilaration in the freedom of riding her Harley.

Specializing in Newborn Portraits, Maternity Portraits, Boudoir Photography, and Family Portraits, Anedny possesses a unique ability to encapsulate the very essence of each fleeting moment through her formidable artistry. Her photographic compositions convey emotions that transcend mere words, leaving an indelible imprint.

With Anedny skillfully positioned behind the lens, clients embark on a personalized and heartfelt photographic journey, culminating in images that authentically mirror their life stories. Her unwavering dedication to her craft, coupled with her genuine connection with subjects, has solidified her standing as a highly sought-after photographer in Houston and the surrounding regions.

Meet Anedny

Principal Photographer


Yolanda is a seasoned professional in the realm of portrait photography, combining her distinct skills as a Registered Nurse and an army veteran with an innate artistic flair. As the photographer of "Eyes on You Portraits", Yolanda's journey into photography was sparked by an early fascination with the transformative power of capturing everyday moments. This passion evolved from a personal hobby into a specialized niche, where clients now seek her expertise to immortalize their significant milestones into timeless works of art.

With a career that commenced at the tender age of 19, Yolanda's portraits resonate as timeless pieces of art, teeming with vivid colors and intricate details that bring every subject to life. Nestled within the Anedny Studio in Cypress, TX, her work not only graces the walls of her local community but also extends its reach to Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball, Katy, Conroe, Magnolia, and surrounding areas.

Yolanda's repertoire spans a diverse range of specialties, encompassing newborn, maternity, senior, boudoir, and family portraits. Her meticulous eye for detail, coupled with her compassionate nature honed through years in healthcare, allows her to capture the essence of each moment, transforming them into cherished keepsakes for her clients. For those eager to delve further into Yolanda's portfolio and approach, she welcomes inquiries with open arms, eager to share her passion for creating enduring photographic art.

Meet Yolanda

Associate Photographer


Sarah, with over 15 years of dedicated passion for photography, calls Northwest Houston home. Her continuous exploration of new venues, parks, and locations reflects her commitment to creating artistic masterpieces. Amidst the hustle, she juggles a beautiful chaos of four children, a supportive husband, and enough animals to rival a zoo!

What sets Sarah apart is her unique perspective, injecting a distinctive twist into traditional photography. Her clients receive personalized memories that stand out from the rest.

Beyond the lens, Sarah indulges in reading her favorite period pieces. She also channels her energy into meaningful volunteer work with The Great Danes of Southeast Texas (GDRST) and proudly serves as an Ambassador with The Beauty Boost - Houston. This organization aligns with her values of promoting health, wellness, and supporting women-owned businesses.

Ready to explore if your visions align with Sarah's creative expertise? Reach out today and unlock the potential for extraordinary and custom-crafted memories.

Meet Sarah

Associate Photographer


Jessica joined our team in 2023 and is a valued member of our photography team, serving as an associate photographer at our studio. With a year of dedicated experience in the world of photography, Jessica has quickly proven herself as a skilled and passionate artist.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Jessica celebrates 15 years of a loving marriage and is the proud parent of three wonderful children, aged 14, 11, and 2. Originally hailing from Mexico, Jessica brings a rich cultural perspective to her work, infusing her family photography with warmth and authenticity. Her photography style is a breath of fresh air, characterized by its natural and candid approach. Jessica's commitment to her craft is evident in her extensive training, having completed numerous classes and workshops to hone her skills. Outside of her photography work, Jessica is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys spending time at the gym and sharing her life with her beloved German Shepherd. Her dedication, both personally and professionally, is truly inspiring.

Meet Jessica

Associate Photographer


Meet Shawntel

Professional Beauty Artist


Meet Shawntel, our accomplished makeup artist at Anedny Portrait Studio since 2019. With an impressive 19 years of experience, Shawntel is not just a makeup artist; she's a true artist-entrepreneur who finds empowerment in her craft. Her commitment to excellence is evident in the luxury products, professionalism, and unwavering reliability she brings to every client.

Shawntel possesses an intuitive knack for understanding a client's personal style, translating their vision into flawless reality. From soft romantic looks to sophisticated and elegant styles, she demonstrates versatility in creating an array of stunning looks. Beyond the studio, Shawntel wears multiple hats as a devoted wife, mother of three beautiful children, and the proud owner of Beauty Topix—a renowned luxury mobile makeup, hair, and beauty salon in Houston.

Beauty Topix holds the prestigious title of being the #1 choice for those seeking unparalleled beauty services outside our photography studio. Should you require a brilliant makeup and hair artist for any event, we wholeheartedly encourage you to reach out to Shawntel. With her wealth of experience and dedication to perfection, she's ready to make your beauty vision a reality.

Meet Rachel

Professional Beauty Artist

Makeup Palette_edited.jpg

Meet Rachel, our talented makeup artist extraordinaire at Anedny Portrait Studio! With nearly a decade of experience in the beauty industry, Rachel brings a wealth of expertise and a keen eye for accentuating your best features. Her signature style goes beyond conventional makeup application—it's an art form that crafts the illusion of a facelift, leaving you feeling radiant and confident.

When Rachel isn't perfecting her craft, she's a devoted mother to her energetic son, who keeps her on her toes and adds an extra layer of joy to her life. Having joined our team in 2019, Rachel has become an integral part of the Anedny Portrait Studio family, consistently elevating our clients' experiences with her passion for beauty.

Houston is not just Rachel's workplace; it's also where she calls home. Surrounded by the love and support of her family in town, she thrives both personally and professionally. Whether she's enhancing your natural beauty in the studio or embracing the chaos and love of family life, Rachel is a true artist who brings warmth, skill, and professionalism to everything she does.

Meet The Family


Our Loving Team

Family Photo

We are family owned, located in Cypress, TX. and serving the areas of Houston, Tomball, Spring, Katy and surrounding areas.  We are here to  ensure you and your family treasure the art work placed on your wall, and find yourself smiling when flipping through the pages of your photo album.

We are fully vaccinated and insured.

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